About Us



Theres no doubt that as Aussies we love our sport. The Socceroos have established a supporter base that has developed into one of the most resilient, committed and vocal about its future. The increase in social media has meant as a fan base Australian football supporters have a louder voice today than ever before.

As with any online presence you often have to sort through the 'noise' to find the gold, but theres plenty out there. 

FansVoice is an opportunity to hear from Australian Football fans. Their stories, what drives their passion for the game and where they see the future heading.

Its important to note that the views on this website are from those fans that are sharing their stories, and are not associated with any specific direction , belief or interest of the websites author. It's up to you, the reader, to take what you might from each story.

In the end , the future of the worldgame in Australia sits upon the foundation of our fans.

Hear their stories.